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Solids Control Equipment

Total Mud System      Total Mud System      Total Mud System      Total Mud System      Total Mud System

Process Systems and Mud Systems

Complete product lines for solids/liquid separation systems, HDD Systems, zero discharge systems, filtration systems, fine solids and sizing separation systems, dredging systems, micro tunneling systems, waste water processing systems.

Linear Motion Shakers

Linear Motion Shaker 5000B is explosion proof, high g-force, has quick screen change, and sealed vibrators (does not require lubrication). 230/460 V, 3 Phase, 60hz. We have a wide selection of shakers available including Junior Standard Shakers, Linear Shale Shakers, Orbital Shakers, Single Standard Shakes, Single Tandem Shakers, and Dual Tandem Shakers, and more...

Junior Standard Shaker   Linear Shale Shaker   Standard Shaker   Single Standard Shaker   Single Tandem Shaker   Dual Tandem Shaker
Linear Cutting Drier

Linear Cutting Drier

Linear Cutting Drier Series 5000B CD features a 34 ft2 screening area, quick screen change, no lubrication required, low noise, high g-force, small footprint, superior drying capability, simple design, rugged and reliable.
Mud Conditioner      Mud Cleaner

Mud Cleaners &
Mud Conditioners

Mud Cleaner Series 5000 DHC features a 34 ft2 screening area, quick screen change, high capacity, up to 2000 gpm, small foot print, simple design, high g-force.
Desander 2      Desander 3


Desanders come in a variety of configurations. Tell us about your application requirements and we can help you select the right desander for your needs. The desander hydrocyclone�s design variables include: Cone diameter, Cone angle, Apex diameter, Cylindrical length, Feed inlet area, and Vortex finder geometry. The operating variables include: Particle size distribution, Plastic viscosity, Pressure drop, Solids content. We have a wide range of different desanders available including FSI®, Brandt® and Harrisburg® types.

Desander 3         Desander 3         Desander 3         Desander 3
Desilter 3      Desilter 6


Desilters have varying capacity based on its diameter. Tell us about your requirements and we can help you select the right desilter. The desilter hydrocyclone�s design variables include: Cone angle, Cone diameter, Cylindrical length, Apex diameter, Vortex finder geometry, and Feed inlet area. We carry a full line of desilters in all sizes.

Desilter Tall         Desilter Small
Mud Gas Separator      Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separators

Mud Gas Separators are designed to capture and separate free gases within drilling fluid. This unit controls the circulated gas to the surface separating the gas from the mud and vent it. This 12ft x 4ft Mud Gas Separator with 8" lines (2 high pressure lines, return line, drain line, top flow line) all connections to the mud gas separator are fitted with 8 in. flanges. High pressure lines fitted with 4" Balon valves. 18ft x 4ft separator is also available. The separators can also be knocked down for easy transport.
Vacuum Degasser

Atmospheric Degasser

Atmospheric Degasser (also known as Vacuum Degasser or Gas Buster) operates in 3 functions � gas removal, vacuum creation and mud circulation. The vacuum pump runs continuously removing gas from the vessel discharging it to the rig�s flare or environmental control system. The venturi nozzle at the discharge piping creates vacuum and circulates mud by drawing entrained bubbles in the mud into the the vessel.
Centrifugal Pump

Mud Pumps

Centrifugal pump units are designed to charge desilters, desanders, mud mixing operations, super charging and fresh water transfer. To insure proper pump selection, the following information is required: type of driver (engine or electric), operation type, amount of volume and head required for the operation, weight or gravity of fluid that will be handled, total net lift above the mud level suction is taken from, total head loss due to friction. Available in all DIM schedule types with 40hp, 50hp, 60hp or 75hp motors. We carry a large selection of various pumps including centrifugal pumps, mud master pumps, cyclone pumps, skid mounted pumps, vertical mounted pumps, titan pumps, XL pumps, and more...

Mud Master Pump   Mud Pump   Centrifugal Mud Pump   Cyclone Mud Pump   Mud Pump Skid   Skid Mounted Mud Pump   Titan Trash Pump   Vertical Skid Mud Pump   XL Mud Pump
Centrifuge Decanter      Decanting Centrifuge


Decanter centrifuges separate the drilling fluid in two phases of different weights. Decanter Centrifuges are capable of continuous operation with a minimum maintenance. Based upon the Stoke�s Law, separation is conducted through an accelerated settling rate. We offer a variety of models. Let us help you determine which is best for your application.
Mud Hopper      Mud Hopper Red

Mud Hoppers

4" and 6" low pressure high shear mud hoppers available. Units are primed with carbo zinc and painted with finish coat. Each come with male NPT inlet and weld neck outlet (other end types available). Complete with standard nozzel and special lower volume nozzle, sack table, funnel, venturi, butterfly, valve all mounted on a base.
Mud Gun

Mud Guns

Our mud guns feature increased mud mixing pump life by preventing large increases in mixing gun volume which can cause cavitation, increased mud gun nozzle life 10-20 times over mild steel, nozzle makes it more efficient than the sharp shoulder in a 3 to 1 reducers which in turn increases agitation and blending capability.

We offer many types of mud guns including bottom type mud guns and pivot mud guns.
Bottom Type Mud Gun A        Bottom Type Mud Gun B        Pivot Mud Gun
Mud Agitator      Mud Agitator Gray      Agitator

Mud Agitators

Mud Agitators are used to prevents solids settling (taking up valuable tank displacement), maintain a uniform mud density, increase performance of solids removal equipment. Features include: Durable, single reduction worm gear drive, 50% better shock resistance than helical and bevel gears, Fewer moving parts, less maintenance, Direct, flexi-couple drive system, Compact design, Explosion proof electrical system, Quiet, smooth, vibration free.


Hydrocyclones are static devices that apply centrifugal force to a liquid mixtures as a means to separate heavy and light components. This closed vessel design converts incoming liquid velocity into rotary motion by directing inflow tangentially near the top of a vertical cylinder. Centrifugal force is created in the liquid as the entire contents of the cylinder spins. We have an extensive selection of hydrocyclones for all application types. Contact us today to find out more information.
Fluid End Module

Fluid End Modules

We offer a variety of fluid end modules, each made from high quality alloy steel. Contact us today and let us know your requirments so we can help get the right fluid end module for your specific needs.
Mud Bucket

Mud Buckets

Mud Buckets provide the most convenient and efficient way to keep rig floors dry and safe. Reduce labor cost spent on wash down time for rig floors. Mud Buckets feature oil based mud resistant sealing rubber that can easily be replaced. They also are designed with a quick open/close assembly.
Access Cover MS     Access Cover MSB     Access Cover MSHU

Suction Line Strainers

Mud Tank Suction Line Strainers filter the drilling mud from the tank to the mud pump suction valves. By keeping foreign material out of the pump, these strainers prevent expensive downtime from ocurring. The top removes easily to allow the screen to be quickly cleaned. The body is 12 3/4" O.D. and available with 4 1/2", 6", 8", 10" or 12" outlets. These strainers are available in a variety of access covers including, Standard Eight Bolt, Center Stem Mount, and Hammer Nut. (Outlet and Inlet for Hammer Nut style are made to your piping requirements.)
Mud Discharge Strainers

Mud Discharge Strainers

High Pressure Mud Discharge Strainers feature 5,000 psi working pressure, replaceable strainer cartridges, lightweight strainer cartridge, single hammer union breakout to gain easy access, less space required for installation and maintenance. Available in a wide range of connection types including Hammer Union, Flange, Butt Weld, and more.
Choke Nipples

Choke Nipples and Jet Nipples

These nipples are recommended for use as positive chokes for jetting, mud mixing, and other applications. We offer many sizes and types.

Choke nipple types available: regular, heat treated, ceramic inserted (for highly abrasive service). Choke nipple sizes available: 1.5" x 6", 2" x 6", 2" x 10".

Jet Nipples are offered in 1.5" and 2" orifice.
Cleanout Gate

Cleanout Gates

Cleanout Gates are used to restrict flow or shut off the flow by maneuvering a lever to open or close the door. Each cleanout gate comes equiped with a Neoprene gasket 1/2" x 10" x 22", 50 Duro. Contact us for more info.
Drill Pipe Screen

Retrievable Drill Pipe Screen

Retrievable Drill Pipe Screen is engineered to be more durable and efficient. The stainless steel construction is corrosion resistant. It has greater resistance to flow cut and has an increased flow capacity. We carry a variety drill pipe screen sizes and we also have many different flange connections to choose from.

Screen Panel Flowmax D      Screen Panel Flowmax R      Screen Panel Flowmax S

Screen Panels

All screen panels are API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant. We have a huge selection, from 4 MESH to 400 MESH (4.8mm to 0.037mm). Common types include the floMAX R, floMAX S and floMAX D. Contact us today and we can help get you the right screen for your application. Also, we have screen cleaning machines available. These machines increase your screen panel's life, by cleaning, preserving and re-using your screen panels. The screen panel cleaners are also used to capture waste water for zero discharge.
Bug Blower

Bug Blower

48" Bug Blower is made of 4" C Channel 1/8" thick. It is 6 Ft. High, 28" W x 50" L Base. It houses a 230/460 Volt 3HP 1765 RMP 60 HZ motor. The 50" diameter fan housing is made of rolled 1/8" angle iron & 16 gauge sheet iron. It has a 49" D stainless steel grate and 40" cast aluminum fan blades.

Our parts catalog is so extensive that many items are not listed on this website.
If you do not find the products you are looking for, please contact us by email at sales@americanoilfieldtools.com or call us at (832) 474-4440.