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Pumps and Drilling Equipment BOP parts

Mud Pump

Mud Pumps

Centrifugal mud pump units are designed to charge mud mixing operations, desanders, desilters, fresh water transfer and super charging. Available in all DIM schedule types with 40hp, 50hp, 60hp or 75hp motors. The following information is required to insure proper pump selection: operation type, type of driver (engine or electric), total head loss due to friction, amount of volume and head required for the operation, total net lift above the mud level suction is taken from, weight or gravity of fluid that will be handled.

We carry a wide range of mud pumps including vertical mounted pumps, XL pumps, titan pumps, cyclone pumps, skid mounted pumps, mud master pumps, centrifugal pumps, and more...

Vertical Skid Mud Pump           XL Mud Pump           Titan Trash Pump           Skid Mounted Mud Pump           Mud Pump Skid

Cyclone Mud Pump           Centrifugal Mud Pump           Mud Pump           Mud Master Pump


Well Control Equipment

  • BOP Test Unit
  • Annular BOP
  • Single Ram BOP
  • Double Ram BOP
  • Choke Manifold
  • Kill Manifold
  • BOP Closing Unit



  • F-Series Triplex
  • ZB-Series Plunger
  • Spare parts


Drilling Rig Packages

  • TFI 1500 HP SCR Rig Box-Box (Available Stock)
  • 750HP Workover Rig


Drilling Equipment

  • Crown Blocks
  • Traveling Blocks
  • Hooks
  • Swivels
  • Rotary Tables
  • Drawworks DC/AC


Handling Tools

  • Slips
  • Elevators
  • Drill Pipe Power Tongs
  • Manual Tongs
  • Drill Pipe Make up Tool
  • Air Hoist




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