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Fluid End Products

Stem Guided Valve

Stem Guided Valves
& Web Valves

These stem guided valves and seats feature a wider metal to metal seal on the valve flange. The rigid seat cross-arms give positive sealing and greater strength. The serrated upper surface on the valve enhances the non-breathing seal between insert and valve body. The thick, strong, valve nut holds the insert tightly, thus reducing breathing and flex, lessening the chance of foreign matter getting between the insert and valve.
Valve Spring

Valve Springs

We carry several different valve springs to go along with our premium valves and valve seats. Tell us about your application and we can help match the right valve spring for your needs.
Valve Seats

Valve Seats

These premium stem guided valves and seats weighs less than many of their competitors. They provide good quality and are economically priced.
Premium Piston      Bonded Urethane Piston


We offer both premium and urethane bonded pistons. These pistons deliver maximum performance in most all drilling conditions. They are fully interchangeable with other API-standard pistons. The bonded urethane pistons are designed for more rugged applications. The bonded pistons are especially resistant to oil based drilling muds and chemicals with varying aniline points.
Replacement Piston Rubber

Replacement Piston Rubbers

The replacement piston rubbers are made from special compounds that are resistant to the effects of water, oil, and heat.
Piston Rods

Piston Rods

Also called crosshead extension rods and "pony rods', piston rods for mud pumps are forged from high quality alloy steel. To ensure performance under extreme conditions, these rods are precision machined to exacting standards. We stock crosshead extension rods, piston rods and pony rods for all popular duplex anf triplex mud pumps.
Piston Rod Clamp

Piston Rod Clamps

We offer many types of piston rod clamps for mating the crosshead extension (pony) rod to the piston rod. To assure proper alignment and fit of the adjoining components, machining tolerances are strictly held. These clamps come with all the required hardware.
Piston Rod Packing Rings

Piston Rod Packing Rings

These piston rod packing rings seal against lubricating fluid leaks and reduces contamination of the piston rod's lubrication from the drilling mud. Included with the piston rod packing is a series of packing rings with interlocking cuts providing easy alignment of the rings and for controlling piston rod pressure. Also included is a straight cut plastic spacer ring with pins for quick alignment, and a synthetic rubber wiping ring which acts as a wiper to prevent sand from entering the spacing ring.


All washpipe passes complete inspection for workmanship and quality. These washpipes are made from high quality alloy steel, hard-surfaced in all areas of critical-wear, for wear and corrosion resistance, and they are precision ground for exact alignment of all packing areas, threads and flanges.
Washpipe Packing

Washpipe Packing

Washpipe Packing is made from a synthetic and fabric composition which has been impregnated with a rubber compound highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and water. Also available is single-unit washpipe packing, for use with swivels that require packing via cartridge-style (available with special adapter rings).
Valve Seat Puller    Valve Seat Puller Heads

Valve Seat Puller & Parts

Our hydraulic valve seat puller toolkit is designed to be used a variety of valve seat puller heads. We offer a wide range of valve seat puller heads. Please specify pump and seat type when ordering so we can get the right puller heads for your needs.
Valve Caps    Fluid End Gaskets

Valve Caps & Fluid End Gaskets

We carry a wide range of Valve Cap and Gaskets, including Locking Valve Caps, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Liner Gaskets and other Fluid End Gaskets. Please contact us today and tell us the specific type you need.

Our parts catalog is so extensive that many items are not listed on this website.
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