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Rubber Products and Replacement Parts

BOP Rubber Replacement Parts

BOP Rubber Spares

VBR Packers & Top Seals, Type U Packers (Cameron Style), Stripper Rubbers (Texas Short Hall & BIW), WSI Ram Packers & Top Seals, Townsend Ram Packers & Top Seals, Type 70 Ram Packers, WSI Ram Block Assembly, Low Profile Pipe Wipers, Flat & Split Dual Pipe Wipers, Tong Pull Back & Elevator Straps, Oil Saver Rubbers, Test Cups, Hydril Type GK Packing Element, Hydril Type MSP Packing Element, Shaffer Spherical Packing Element, Pulsation Dampener Bladders (K-10, K-20, PD-45, PD-55), Casing Spools (Type 22, Type 29), Studded Tees & Crosses, Tubing Head (Type TCM), Tubing Head Adapters (B-1, B-2, B-3)...
Control Head Products

BOP and Control Head Products

Replacement seals and packing units for Hydril® GK and MSP annular model BOPs. These items are offered in nitrile, neoprene or natural rubber compounds. Each unit is tested at full working pressure before shipping. Also, we offer replacement rubbers for Cameron®, Guiberson® and Shaffer® models of RAM preventors.
BOP Spares

Rotating BOP &
Tubing Stripper Rubbers

We offer rotating BOP rubbers for the following types: Grant® 7068, Lynn International®, and Shaffer® Type 50, 51, 74, 79

We offer tubing stripper rubbers for all of the following types: Rector® Type R (RR) and Type SS (RSS), Oil Center Tool Type J-1, JF-1 (OCT), Type T-16 (OCT16), Norris® Hinderliter® 4-1, Larkin® Type K & SR, hydril Type RS, Hinderliter® Type SS, 4-S, & 4-1, Hillman-Kelley® (HK), Gulfco® TT & S-6, Guiberson® Type J2 & K2, Cameron®® QD, Cameron®® Petromec® (PC), Beaumont® Iron Works PX-70 (B2) and PX-107 (B1)
Kelly Wipers

Kelly & Pipe Wipers

Pipe wipers come in handle bar, oval, double, and single types, Each are available in either neoprene, oil resistant nitrile, or natural rubber compounds. In addition, the double wipers are available in split rap-a-round, split, and solid configurations. These pipe wipers have a reinforced insert to give them a greater resistance to tearing.

Kelly wipers are made with the same superior rubber as the pipe wipers. We have Kelly wipers for both hexagonal kellys and square kellys. The Kelly wipers are made with a bonded metal ring for reinforcement and to provide longer service life for the Kelly drive bushing.
Diaphragms and Bladders

Diaphragms and Bladders

Our durable replacement bladders are molded from a special nitrile-compound to give the bladders extra strength. We carry replacement bladders for the Sandmaster (6 in.), the Siltmaster (4 in.), and the Pioneer Solidsmaster (3 in.),

Our diaphragms are molded in a single piece with a metal insert molded into the bottom to prevent extrusion into the bottom flange connection. They are available in 1500 psi, 3000 psi, and 5000 psi ratings. Replacement diaphragms and parts are offered for 10 and 20 gallon, Mattco and Hydril® pulsation dampeners.

Also available are stabilizers, bottom plate gaskets, charging valves, pressure gauges (0-6000 psi), plates, screws, and lock washers
Replacement Piston Rubbers

Replacement Piston Rubbers

We carry a large variety of replacement piston rubbers. Each is made from special compounds to create resistance to the effects of water, oil, and heat.

Our parts catalog is so extensive that many items are not listed on this website.
If you do not find the products you are looking for, please contact us by email at sales@americanoilfieldtools.com or call us at (832) 474-4440.