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Oteco Float Valves

Oteco Float Valve

Oteco Float Valve
Models: F, FA, FC, G, GA, GB, GC, GBA, GCA
Sizes: See table below
Service Types: Standard and Sour Gas
Temp. Rating: -40 F / C to 300 F / 149 C

Float Valve Overview

Valve Body
Oteco valve bodies are manufactured for today's increasingly harsh drilling environment. All valve bodies are cast out of ductile iron or a low-alloy carbon steel and are heat treated to a hardness equal to or less than 22 Rockwell C (£ 22 Rockwell C 2 HR) to address the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Oteco's integral valve bodies are manufactured from a one-piece casting and are not welded together the way some other competitors produce their bodies. This means that you receive a superior and more reliable valve body.

Integral Plunger
Valves All of Oteco's plunger valves are machined from one solid piece of material to produce a more reliable float valve and reduce the risk of downhole valve failure. Other leading manufacturers use two separate pieces of material to construct their plungers, which are invariably either shrunk fit, screwed or welded together.

Flapper Valves
All Oteco standard-service flapper valves are made of low-alloy steel and then case hardened for wear resistance, thus giving a longer operating life.

Available elastomers are nitrile butadiene (NBR, Buna-N), hydrogenated nitrile butadiene (HNBR) and Viton� (fluoroelastomer, FKM).

Inconel� springs come standard on all our valves. Inconel� springs are significantly more resistant to corrosion when compared with the standard service springs provided by most other manufacturers. Inconel� springs are also good for sour-gas (H2S) applications.

All Oteco drill-pipe float valves and replacement parts are manufactured to standard industry dimensions and are interchangeable with other major manufacturer's parts.

Sour-Gas (H2S) Service Available in both F and G models.

Variants Available
Model F - Plunger Type Standard
Model FA - Plunger Type Pressure Monitoring (Ported)
Model FC - Plunger Type Automatic Fill
Model G - Flapper Type Standard
Model GA - Flapper Type Pressure Monitoring (Ported)
Model GB - Flapper Type Air Drilling
Model GC - Flapper Type Automatic Fill
Model GBA - Flapper Type Air Drilling Pressure Monitoring
Model GCA - Flapper Type Automatic Fill Pressure Monitoring

Features & Benefits
• Single piece body casting and plunger construction reducing downhole valve failure risk
• Standard Inconel� springs for corrosion resistance
• Flapper valves are case hardened for longer operating life
• Elastomer trim available in Nitrile, Hydrogenated Nitrile & Viton�

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