Pressure Guage

Oilfield Pressure Guages

We carry several different models of pressure guages in a wide range of pressure ratings with a variety of adapters, including Male Guages, Female Guages, Flange Guages, Union Guages, Standpipe Pressure Guages and more... Each type comes in a variety of measuring units you may choose from including Bar, kPA, and PSI. We also carry different pressure guage types for a variety of service ratings With each type, we have both luminous & non-luminous dial faces. All pressure guages are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Certified.
Bleed Ring

Bleed Rings

Bleed Rings provide an easy way to drain pipe, take samples, attach instruments, or even bleed a valve. Bleed rings can be used in a wide range of configurations. A bleed ring may be used to vent between two gate valves, they may have one or more outlets, and they may be installed with pressure guages. When used with a blind flange and valve, if your valve is leaking it allows you to relieve the pressure before you remove the flange.

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